Monday, December 12, 2011

Done is Oh So Good

No food comments for this post, just some musings for my Bryn Mawr family as they enter Finals Week.

To my sister class, light blue

You're almost there!  You know the drill and you can make it!  If you're finishing a thesis, congratulations!  If you're starting a thesis next semester, best of luck and remember to budget your time.  Ten minutes of work every day adds up really fast.

To my second sister class, red

My junior year was my busiest, I'm sure yours is no different.  I am rooting for you every step of the way!  Call on me if you need anything and keep your chin up.  You will weather the storm.

To my daughter class, dark blue

This is only your third time taking exams, and while you may have the routine down, if you're anything like me you are still struggling to adapt to the high anxiety levels this time of year.  Don't forget that you're still learning how to be a Mawrter in some ways, and that you aren't expected to have your life in order yet.  Remind yourself to be patient, and practice those test-taking/essay-writing skills as best you can.  This is the time when they really solidify.

To my last darling freshmen, green

I'm sure you're terrified by your first exams, I know I was.  Breathe, focus, and try your best to relax.  You know what you're doing.  You CAN make it through.  Budget your time and ask when you need help or are confused, it's never too late.  Ignore the upperclasswomen freaking out, and don't let yourself be intimidated by your classmates' anxiety.  You are a capable student and are ten times smarter than you think you are.  You will make it.  

A special note to my Hell Family, Tiina, Nga, Alex, Emily, Dixie, and Eileen,

Remember, the Anass used to be:

Anassa Kata
Kalo, kale
Ia, Ia, Ia, Nike

Great Queen, descend
I invoke you, fair one
Hail, hail, hail, Victory

She will guide you through and give you strength.

P.S.  Go to the Silent Rave in Canaday if they're having one this year.  It's awesome.


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